Metaphysics — An Answer for Theses Times

Metaphysics is traditional research fields of philosophy and an academic discipline dealing with abstract issues such as the presence of God, afterlife, the dawn of the universe, etc., none of which would be easy to define. This website presents easy to understand leading-edge information in this field. It is the most valuable information making major contributions in the field of metaphysics.

Metaphysics is the name given to a branch of philosophical thought that deals with issues of the fundamental nature of reality and what is beyond experience.

Metaphysics is fast becoming a mainstream way to learn how to find the truth within. Techniques and methods that help research the deep self within, the metaphysical truth about our eternal identity, the divine self within, and the true divinity.

One of the worst mistakes you can make in life is to attach your identity to any particular religion or philosophy, such as by saying “I am a Muslim, ” or “I am a Hindu.” This forces your mind into a fixed perspective, robbing you of spiritual depth perception and savagely curtailing your ability to perceive reality accurately.



We often speak of freedom,  respect, non violence,  womens liberation, peace harmony etc. But unless we understand the root cause of all violence, and implement it in our daily lives there is no way we can achieve the mission.

The Root cause of all Evil in society is Evil itself. This is where we must take the path towards the spirit. The spirit is the unknown Goddess in the universe. Unless we walk towards that path irrespective of religion caste or creed, to know the reality that is hidden beyond all experiences , there is no solution for all our turmoil.

We need to break the matrix that has bound us within confined norms such as religion, Caste, gender difference,  materialism and embark on a unknown path where  the solutions for all our miseries is hidden . This path demands strict  moral ethical and spiritual discipline.

The truth must be experienced by each one of us and  knowledge of this hidden truth elevates the position of every living being. Through this we experience liberation of the mind and self. From ages there is a search for the truth. Who is God, Why there is so much violence in the world, What is worship, Who is Allah SHIVA God Jesus Moses Mohammed? ? Why there is no solution for all the efforts of man ?? and above all who is God and what is the universe all about?? These answers are the solution for our problems.  And the answer is available if we make a sincere effort and sacrifice. This is the solution for every problem in the universe.  The world spirit wishes to be heard but her voice is unheard as we are busy with Religious issues, Conflict Resolutions,  Materialism or Relationship issues or Development.  Unless we rise above all this we will remain within this prison matrix going in circles generation after generation yet with no solution but remain within the illusionary matrix.


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